July 24, 2009



Pleasant Hill-In 1828, Pleasant Hill saw the arrival of the first settlers to the area and all of Cass County, then called Van Buren County. Records were filed in 1844 making Pleasant Hill a village with about 40 inhabitants. Old Town existed along No. 7 Highway from the cemetery to Maple Lane.
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July 07, 2009


JAMESPORT, MO. - Jamesport is Missouri's largest Amish Settlement, and is also the largest Old Order Amish Settlement west of the Mississippi. This charming town is full of antique stores, gift stores, Amish bakeries, restaurants, Amish variety stores, craft stores, bulk food stores, and so much more! Come "Step Back in Time" and enjoy a slow-paced day in this fast-paced world!

July 06, 2009

Burr Oak Nature Center

Burr Oak Nature Center - Enjoy walking any of the five (5) hiking trails that wind through the woodlands and rock outcroppings. Burr Oak Woods is home to many deer and turkey, as well as other wildlife. Burr Oak Woods has 1,071 acres of woodlands, fields, glades, streams, and ponds and is located north of I-70, just west of 7 Highway in Blue Springs.

July 05, 2009

July 03, 2009


The Kansas City Zoo is one of sixty Zoos honored in “America’s Best Zoos 2008,” and was ranked number one in the nation for “African Animals and Exhibits,” and ranked in top 10 in the nation for “Australian Animals and Exhibits” and for “Pachyderms: Elephants, Rhinos, Hippos,” In addition, famed ape expert Jane Goodall’s complimented that Kansas City has “one of the finest chimpanzee exhibits in North America.” In fact, “America’s Best Zoos 2008” ranks the Kansas City Zoo as the number one zoo in the nation to see both chimpanzees and kangaroos.

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